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  • The Museum is available to children aged Pre K and up for birthday parties.
  • Prior to the event, your child selects a project. Projects available at this time are pictured below.
  • Birthday parties are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from either 10 to noon or 1 to 3pm.
  • During the first hour and a half (an hour for Pre K ages), the birthday child and guests build the project your child selected. The last half hour is for food and gift giving.
  • The Museum provides the project and table and chairs for the party. You provide the paper goods and the food.
  • NEW! You can order Mini Cupcakes, Cookies, or Rice Krispy treats from Small Kitchen Big Taste to be delivered to the Workshop for your party. See details in PDF attached.


  • The cost for the party is $18/per child with a 10 child minimum.
  • You must be (or become) a member to have a birthday party. Family membership is $45 per year. Become a member.
  • A deposit of $180 ($180 + $45 if you are not already a member) will be required to hold the slot for your party. This covers the cost of the first 10 children.
  • The balance of $18 per child is due on the day of the party when we know how many children over the first 10 attend. We do need to know how many children you have invited so that we may prepare enough materials.

Call Naseema Gilson at the Museum at 203.777.1833 to schedule a party.

Birthday Desserts from Small Kitchen Big Taste
Delivered to the Workshop for your party.

Just Desserts by SKBT (pdf)

The images below are the projects that are available for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018. During the fall and winter months, we do non-water based projects. We try to pair age-appropriate and interest related projects to the birthday child. We need at least a week's advance notice to prepare a project. Please choose a project from the lists below and call the Museum to let us know your choice. We can help guide you as to age appropriateness. Please understand that some projects, although they may appeal visually or thematically to younger children, are really specifically designed for an older child in terms of building skills and concepts. Our goal is to make the birthday child happy with his or her choice while not frustrating their guests who may be younger or less skilled. We have many projects from which to choose.

Certain projects can be adapted for a child's preference: Dancing Robots can be superheroes (Silver Surfer) or maybe villians (Star Wars' storm troopers); Dynabrollys can be based on Disney's Frozen, Harry Potter, or a ballerina or flying saucer. Pinball games are everyone's ideas elaborated in the form of a game that can tell a story. Drawing Machines are the EWM version of the classic spiral drawing toy, (but you have to build it first), and Marble Trees are the absolute best for solving a vertical puzzle. Mechanical Movements are designed with degrees of difficulty for different ages, but you always elaborate it your way to tell your own story.

Some projects (especially for very young children – PreK ) come with a story which we read first. They are noted in the inner page as "with story". Electrical projects with motors and battery are noted by the word 'battery.'

We add and delete projects throughout a year, depending on season and calendar themes. And we constantly redesign.

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