Winter 2018 Winter Workshops Ages 11+

Eli Whitney Museum

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Sundays in January, February, March

Winter 2018 Winter Workshops Ages 11+


4 and 5 week programs for students ages 11 and up to learn GarageBand and Electronics during the cold and dark winter months.

Winter 2018 – 4 Sunday Afternoons

GarageBand Winter Workshop

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Learn to create music in GarageBand. Break down your favorite songs to see how they work, using principles of music theory.

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Winter 2018 – 5 Sunday afternoons.

Intro to Electronics

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Gain insight into how electronic circuits work by building some of your own. Learn about the building blocks of electronics and what they do: resistors, transistors, capacitors, and more. Build skill in soldering, and discover how schematic diagrams can be turned into physical devices.

For those without electronics experience.

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