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Learning From Leonardo


2017 Summer Program

Drawings from Leonardo daVinci’s Notebooks have inspired projects for our Workshops for 30 years.
Why Leonardo?
Because his curiosity saw no boundaries. He could join music, mechanics and mechanics, and maps, for example.
Because he taught. Trust your senses. Books can be wrong. All that nature expresses is truth.
Because he documented his mind at work. He draws guesses & refinements, folly & genius, the real & the imagined.
Because he shared his frustrations. His imperfect classroom skills, his stubbornness, his attention to distracting details.

Learn from Leonardo about learning. Construct projects that begin with Leonardo questions and require your imagination to complete: proto robots, mechanical stage sets, castle towers, and fountains. Each day sample a new skill from Leonardo’s vast interests: launching rockets, casting metal, extracting perfume, making rope,etc. Join a small group to design and construct an exploration of one of Leonardo’s arts

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