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Eli Whitney Museum

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The Museum connects two powerful movements. Eli Whitney helped launch the Industrial Revolution here which collected 19th Century workers into cities – often smokey cities. East Rock Park was established on our south boundary in 1882 at the height of the Public Park Movement, a national effort to create access to nature in those cities.

This Earth Week, we will explore the riches of East Rock Park…and make things with or out of them. Each day we will take walks to observe and learn to collect with respect. We will construct Fandexes* to help identify differences. Then choose projects to deepen understanding and to experiment. (We have backup plans to adapt to April showers.)

We will also look at the field guides of New Haven's Dr. Worthington Hooker (1806-1867) who helped inspire the Public Parks Movement.

For ages 6 (first grade) – 12 years old. Each day has an advanced level group.

Extra Notes
1. We take great care in exploring. We do not walk far from the Museum.
2. Long pants, sneakers or boots, and socks are a must.
3. Tuesday, (The Stream), bring waterproof boots.
4. After lunch each day, Lena and Luther will lead an optional walk: How to walk a Schnauzer in the Park.

*Fandex Family Field Guides is a series of flexible field guides designed and copyrighted by New Haven's Eric Epstein and produced by Workman Publishing. We make our 5 card studies with permission.

The Trees 4/16/12


Trees tell stories. Some have appetites for moist or swampy ground. Some favor the Park's dry rocky slopes. Some grow fast; some slow. Each has a place in a healthy woods.

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The Stream 4/17/12


We will look at life on and in the Mill River. We will look for ducks and swans. we will look for the fish that they are looking for. We will look at the tiny critters that the fish are looking for…

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The Stewards 4/17/12

The first plan of East Rock Park shows a Nursery Ground across our bridge and just below the land that the Museum occupies.

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A Day of Scratch for Beginners 4/17/12

scratch 2

For students who have had no Scratch experience...

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The Birds 4/18/12


This is a perfect week for birds in the Park. On an early walk, spot up to 10 different bird species. Then make a Fandex to show the colors, habits, and songs of five.

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The Bugs 4/19/12


Some bugs are our friends. Some are a nuisance. Some are beautiful to everyone, some to only a few. We will look for the bugs that keep the life cycles of the Park working.

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The Fountain 4/19/12

Designers include fountains in parks to entertain and comfort people. They keep people out of the ponds and streams that belong to fish and fowl…

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The Understory 4/20/12

Beneath the trees, whole families of plants live and work together. We will look for the smallest of these…

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