The Art & Science of Fire

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2019 Summer Program

Fire is a tool so essential that, in Greek myths, Creation begins with Prometheus’s gifts of fire and invention. This workshop will introduce fire as we present every tool: with respect for skill and safety.

The week will include 5 major projects:

Ceramics: Shape basic pinch pots to be transformed in an oak fire that will reduce minerals into elegant colors.

Chemistry: 12 Experiments from Michael Faraday’s Chemical History of a Candle lecture first delivered in 1825

Steam Toys: Operate our classic toy steam engines that moved youthful experiments before Erector Sets had motors.

Campfires: Learn to build light and manage campfires: both traditional and interscholastic competition style.

Rockets: Trace the evolution of fireworks from China to July 4th. Help build an Estes rocket display.

Choose small demonstrations or experiments: burning glass experiments, hot air balloons, classic corn popping, tinfoil rockets, put-put boats, candle dipping, a candle timer, cloisonne jewelry, spectroscope chemistry, soldering copper.

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