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2019 Summer Program

Maker Spaces collect and share tools and techniques. The challenge: what to do with them? is yours. In this workshop, master new tools, techniques and challenges.

Mornings: Take on a classic challenge each morning.

~ 3D Printing: work in Fusion 360, solve design challenges, learn the remarkable Josef Prusa Printers.
~ Rocket Cars: power racers with Estes Rockets: this year adding jumps and aerodynamic elaboration.
~ LED Stop Light: master soldering, basic electronics and elegant challenges of traffic control.
~ Power Boat Regatta: work out boat design challenges created by Neil Downie – then race.
~ Neodymium Motor: construct a brilliantly simple motor from scratch. Then put it to work.

~ Afternoons: Choose workshops to learn new tools, attempt bold experiments, work out your own designs. 2018 favorites return: paracord bracelets, Gauss relay, carving, egg drop testing, slime, soldered sculptures, vibrobots. New for 2019: Laser design/cutting, slow motion photography, new lathes, rolling metal, wood bending

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