Adult Ed Workshop 2022: Electronics

Eli Whitney Museum

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Wednesday Nights 6-9 pm

Adult Ed Workshop 2022: Electronics

Begins October 12th

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Join us for a 5-week exploration in the world of electronics. Learn the basics of electronics: the interactions between batteries, resistors, transistors, and other components. Then apply that knowledge by constructing a series of increasingly complex projects on breadboards – small devices that allow for quickly and temporarily prototyping electronic circuits.

Learn not only how to assemble these projects, but tips and tricks to make your prototypes easy to understand and more difficult to break. Explore the purpose of each device in the circuit, how to make last-minute changes if you are missing parts, and how to troubleshoot when things aren't working as expected.

Finalize your project by soldering components to a circuit board!

Call the Museum 203.777.1833 with any questions.

Instructor: Ana Tavares
Fee: $400 (includes all materials)
Wednesday nights 6:00 – 9:00 pm

October 12
October 19
October 26
November 2
November 9

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