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The Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop is an experimental learning workshop for students, teachers, and families. We collect, interpret, and teach experiments that are the roots of design and invention.


Apprenticeship encourages many passions, and builds the discipline needed to excel. Meet a few graduates of our apprenticeship program, and explore the diverse careers they have made.

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What We Do

Essential Experiments are lessons you are much more likely to find in a workshop or a studio than in a classroom. They prepare young minds for a deep understanding of ideas encountered in the classroom and in the world.

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How We Do It

1. Learn to experiment with materials.
2. Learn to read models.
3. Learn to listen to tools.
4. Learn to find help.
5. Learn to respect natural measurements.
6. Learn to improvise.
7. Learn to test.
8. Learn to choose important details.
9. Learn your own style.
10. Learn what you are ready to learn.

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Policies & Procedures

It is of utmost importance that we provide a safe and affirming environment for all. We strive to create a place where mistakes can present opportunities for perseverance, and where misteps can lead to cognitive leaps. Please take a moment to review the policies and procedures regarding the safety and well-being of our participants that we have developed.

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Why We Do It

Whitney Learners.
In his 1973 documentary, the Ascent of Man, Jacob Bronowski observed that the industrial revolution began in the hands of practical men, men educated, not in classrooms, but in the building of England’s mills, canals and bridges. These independent mechanics were not obedient to tradition…

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The work of the museum is made possible by many hands. In addition to a small group of senior staff, our team includes dozens of apprentices, visiting teachers, artists, and other experts.

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Employment Opportunities

Check here for employment opportunities at the Eli Whitney Museum & Workshop.

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Archived Project Designs

Light seeking robot design

Since 1988, the Museum and its apprentices have been designing and building unique projects, classes, experiments, toys, and tricks.

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