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The Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop was established in 1976 as a not-for-profit historic and educational organization. The Museum preserves the site on which Whitney constructed the first American factory in 1798.

A Historic Site

Gun Factory on canvas.png

Factories are places of change. At least 18 buildings have come and gone since Eli Whitney's time. We are still digging into that history.

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American Flyer Sample, 1946

American Flyer Trains, 1946 Cover Thumbnail

A sampling of restored scans of the 1946 American Flyer Trains catalog magazine published by the A. C. Gilbert company.

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Arms Production

Eli Whitney's Armory C. 1825

Over the ninety years of the Whitney Armory's existence, much technological change took place both in metal and wood-working machinery and in metallurgical capabilities.

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The Gilbert Project

Gilbert Portrait Illustration

For 50 years, Alfred Carlton Gilbert put his signature on toys for children. He built a world of learning tools that were unified by a distinct, personal vision. No toymaker's name in history is better known.

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The Leonardo Challenge


Leonardo da Vinci demonstrated the origins of invention in the playful application of his imagination. The annual Leonardo Challenge engages artisans and artists in crafting stunning works of improvisational creativity.

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Though the Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop functions more as a workshop than as a conventional museum, it does feature 3 small exhibitions per year.

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