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Leonardo daVinci wrote: judge me by my works, not my words.

The Portfolio Project is an initiative to train Apprentices to document their designs as evidence of their skills and of the Museum’s scope and purpose. While there is some collaboration in all designs, unless otherwise noted, the creative and technical decisions that shaped this work are principally the apprentice's.

Funded by the Seymour Lustman Foundation.

Title: Drum Machine


Title: Coin Identifier


Title: Electronic Synthesizer
Age: 16
Apprentice Year: 4th
Assignment: Design an Introductory Electronics Project for 10-14 year olds.

Base board was designed to be fabricated in the Museum’s CNC Shop. Leads were soldered to chips by apprentices. All other work was done by the students. The board is segmented into testable modules to allow continuous trouble shooting. The board can generate and control the pitch and volume of five tones simultaneously.

Programs: Two 30 hour workshops of 14 students each

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