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With Precision
For 2024


1 : adapted for extremely accurate measurement or operation
2 : held to low tolerance in manufacture
3 : marked by precision of execution

The principle of precision is woven into the fabric of innovation. At the Eli Whitney Museum & Workshop, precision is the guiding force behind our commitment to expanding education and exploration.

Precision in measurement can be taught. The impacts of this imparted knowledge are immeasurable. We observe careful execution in a wide array of pursuits at the Eli Whitney Museum & Workshop. From purposeful steps down rocky paths to control on the micron-scale of our laser-cutters. Minds expand with precise thought. Members of our community—both young and old—work together to develop lifelong learning habits.

Observation is key to precision. We value close observation. Deliberate moments of observation bring new understandings of the fibers of our world. Look closely. Your donation has an impact on the Greater New Haven community. Look broadly. Your donation influences those far and near.

Over the past year:

  • We served over 24,000 children through school programs.
  • 753 individuals attended summer camps from 94 zip codes.
  • We employed over 100 apprentices from 24 zip codes.

  • As we embark on another year of inspiring minds and cultivating creativity, we reflect on how we transform thoughtful questions into groundbreaking ideas. Your steadfast support has been an instrumental part of this journey, and we are immensely grateful for your dedication.

    In the past year, the Eli Whitney Museum has exemplified precision in every workshop, community event, and program we've offered. We've carefully crafted hands-on experiences that captivate the imagination and instill a curiosity about the wonders around us.

    Our upcoming projects, such as our reimagined Marble Wall, are designed with the utmost care to elevate the educational experience we provide. Through these initiatives, we aim to cultivate a new generation of innovators.

    Your contribution, no matter the size, helps us fuel our educational programs, maintain the excellence of our exhibits, and ensure that every visitor leaves with an appreciation of the incredible world of innovation.

    To support our mission, please consider donating today.

    ¹“Precision.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 15 Nov. 2023.

    How your generosity makes a difference

    15% – The Design Fund
    Supports the development of new and refinement of old designs. We design to know ourselves. We design to know our neighbors. We design to know the world.

    25% – The Apprentice Fund
    Supports training and development. Apprentices start in 8th grade and stay through high school. Eighty-plus apprentices learn by doing. They actively participate in production, design, maintenance, and teaching. They are role models who leave our program as leaders.

    45% – The Open Workshop Fund
    Supports those in need. Our programs should be accessible to all. Your support eliminates or reduces the cost to those in need.

    15% – The Jack Viele Fund
    Supports any child who has faced hardship through any type of illness, distress, or misfortune. Apprentice leaders show empathy and inspiration that move young explorers brightly through difficult times.

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