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38th Annual Meeting
Thursday, October 26th at 5:30 pm
in the Carter Studio of the Whitney Workshop

Understanding Human Hand Function
& the Development of Robotic and Prosthetic Hands.

Aaron Dollar, Ph.D, Director,
The Yale OpenHand Project

Light refreshments: Caseus • Whole G Breads
RSVP: 203.777.1833 or

915 Whitney Avenue • Hamden, CT

The Whitney Medal

William Rosenblatt, MD
Founding Director, REMEDY
Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World

2017 Apprentice Awards

Forman Prize, Harrison Paek • Polly Lada Mocarski Prize, • Sophie Clemons, Nailah Hutchinson
Jack Viele Prize, A.J. Wilson

Mechanical Hands
In his sweeping history of America, Daniel Boorstein places Eli Whitney at the threshold of a revolution. For the skills of the artist…acquired only by long practice and experience and not available in this country, Whitney set out to substitute the correct and effective operations of machinery (Whitney’s words.) In Boorstein’s view, this was a Know-how revolution – a new way, not only of making things, but of making the machines that make things. Mechanical fingers replaced the craftsman’s fingers. Machines, not men, became specialized.

Artful Hands
Aaron Dollar is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. He directs The Yale Grab Lab which researches human and robotic hands and dexterous grasping.

Professor Dollar is liberating robots from factories. His Lab designs hands with radical simplicity and pliable materials that can adapt to the unpredictable challenges of household tasks. The Lab’s OpenHand Project offers its open source, low cost designs to all who will apply their inventiveness (and 3D printers) to crafting a next generation of prosthetics and extensions of human capacity.

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