Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1952: Unlisted
Two big tiers, packed with enough Anchor Block material to make stores, schools, houses, castles, forts — literally, almost anything the child's imagination can create. Blocks can be handled easily by even small children, yet have the weight to pile without toppling. New “marble" material will not soil or dirty like wood, can thus be used outdoors. Stone composition material provides lustre and wonderful smoothness. Handsome chest is made of natural-finish basswood with brass—plated hardware. Each tray contains various size Blocks plus Angles, Chimneys, Spires and Roofs. Two colors: red and white marble. Windows and doors are embossed foil, laminated. Big illustrated Building Book included. Chest is 14 1/2 long, 8 1/2" wide, 3" high. Packed 6 per carton.