Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1949: $1.00
The more girders you have — the higher you can make towers — the longer you can make bridges — the larger you can make all models. Kit contains twenty 10" girders, eight 5" girders and necessary nuts and bolts. In handy package. Price, anywhere in U. S. A., $1.00.

Price in 1950: $1.00
If you have an Erector Set you'll want this generous supply of extra Girders, Nuts and Bolts to make higher Towers, longer Bridges, bigger Derricks, etc. Invaluable for creating original models for 1951 Erector Contest, (details, page 2). Kit has twenty 10" Girders, eight 5" Girders and big nuts and bolts assortment. Price, $I.00. Denver and West, $1.00.