Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1950: $5.95
Make your Erector Tugboat models blow piercing blasts for harbor craft; press a button and your Erector Lift Bridge blows a warning toot for motorists. There’s almost no limit to the models which can use this versatile Whistle with the just-like-real pitch. Operates by remote control. Ideal for Morse Code communication with the gang. Kit can be used with any Erector set, but a 7-15 Volt Transformer is necessary. Includes Whistle unit, control box, power leads and full instructions. Price, $5.95. Denver and West, $6.25.

Price in 1951: Unlisted
Adds the final touch of realism for such ERECTOR models as Cranes, Hoists, Derricks, Lift Bridges, etc. Ideal for sounding warning blasts or blowing signals. Can be used with any ERECTOR set but a 7-15 volt transformer is necessary. Kit includes whistle unit, central box, power leads and instructions.