Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1950: $19.95
(Included with the Atomic Energy Lab and also sold separately)

Prospect for Uranium ore deposits — win a $10,000.00 Government bonus! Similar to Geiger Counters which cost up to hundreds of dollars! Counter clicks rapidly when radioactive substance is near. In addition to ear-phone for detection of radiation, Geiger Counter has neon light indicator which shows proximity of Uranium or other radioactive ores. Includes Counter, Earphone, Battery and Radioactive Ore, Complete and ready to use. Price, $19.95. Denver and West, $21.00.

Price in 1951: Unlisted
(Included with Atomic Energy Lab and also sold separately)
The Geiger Counter that's been pronounced by many experts to be BETTER than models costing twice to three times as much! May enable you to win $35,000.00 Government bonus — or save the life of your family! Ideal for prospectors, Civil Defense groups, classrooms, clubs, etc. When Geiger Counter detects radioactivity clicks sound rapidly in earphone headset while neon light indicator gives a series of flashes. Battery and radioactive are sources included. Measures 4 1/2" square, 3" high.