Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1951: Unlisted
Massive laboratory set, measuring nearly 3 1/2 feet when fully opened! Huge assortment of 106 chemicals and pieces of apparatus enables you to perform 475 experiments listed in giant 132-page "FUN WITH GILBERT CHEMISTRY" book written by famed Yale Prof. Treat Johnson. Six shelves plus three tilt-forward type racks place chemicals right at your fingertips. Alcohol lamp, accurate chemical Balance, tunnel, test tubes, pestle, etc., are included in list of professional equipment. Two other illustrated books, "GLASS BLOWING" and "CHEMICAL MAGIC" (Great Smoke Mystery, turning Ink to Water, Water to Wine, Magic Rose, etc.) make set doubly useful. Four-compartmented hinged Chest extends to 40 1/2" opened. Closed it measures 20" long, 11 1/2" high, 2 3/4" wide.

Price in 1952: Unlisted
This massive Gilbert Chemistry Set, measuring nearly 3 1/2 feet when opened, is not only a fully-equipped chemical laboratory, but also has apparatus and instructions in the fascinating field of Atomic Energy! Huge assortment of 108 chemicals and equipment enables you to perform 480 interesting experiments listed in the giant 128-page illustrated book "FUN WITH GILBERT CHEMlSTRY," plus FOUR other books: "ATOMIC ENERGY," "CHEMISTRY IN THE HOMES," "GLASS BLOWING," and "CHEMICAL MAGIC." Atomic Energy apparatus includes Spinthariscope (enables you to watch disintegration of atomic particles speeding at 10,000 MILES PER SECOND) plus safe radioactive ore. List of experiments almost endless: Turn water to wine, ink to water, make a magic rose, etc., etc. Four-compartmented hinged chest extends to 40 1/2 opened. Closes to 20" long, 11 1/2" high, 2 3/4" wide.