Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1949: $3.00
Not Illustrated
Contains six horses and other special parts for building dazzling Merry-Go-Round. $3.00. Denver and West, $3.15.
Designed for use only with the No. 9 1/2 Erector or No. 12 1/2 Erector.

Price in 1950: $50.00
Builds literally hundreds of realistic action models, including the Mysterious Walking Giant, Merry-go-Round, Electric Crane, Rocket Ride, Parachute Jump! Airplane Ride and many, many others! Features like Remote Push Button Control that enables you to start, reverse and stop action models — the only construction set in the world with this device! Set contains THREE powerful Motors, a Transformer, Caterpillar Tread for crawler models and all Erector electric features. Three huge trays total more than 35 POUNDS of exciting parts! Box is made of heavy sheet metal with hinged cover. By far, the greatest erector ever made! Price, $50.00. Denver and West, $52.50.