Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1949: $10.95
Handsome wooden cabinet. Has Polaroid Jr. The 450 power microscope has rack and pinion focusing with two wheels, tilting arrangement and draw tube, 11 1/2" extended. Set includes 2-piece magnifying unit, 2 dissecting needles, 12 vials of chemicals and stains, electric Substage Light, new Dri-Electric Power pack, specimens, slides, etc. Manual. $10.95. Denver and west. $11.50.

Price in 1950: $10.95
Big, handsomely-made wooden cabinet contains professional type equipment. Microscope has revolving turret for changing magnification: to enlarge specimens from 60 to 90 to 210 times their actual size! Electric Substage light makes specimens transparent, for better viewing. Set includes big quantity of chemicals, dissecting equipment, specimens, slides, Dri-Electric Power Pack, Polaroid equipment to reveal colors in specimens and two illustrated Manuals. Set is 14 1/2" x 20" x 3 7/8" when opened. Price, $10.95. Denver and West, $11.50.