Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1955: $49.95
The NEW Trail Blazer Freight – All the railroading a boy could ever want is wrapped up in this magnificent American Flyer "Trail Blazer" freight, headed up by a scale model 4-6-2 Pennsylvania K-5 type "steamer" and featuring an action dump car that unloads coal by remote control. Big, heavyweight loco not only puffs Smoke and sounds off with Choo-Choos as it runs, but also has Pull—Mor Power to haul 40 or more cars with ease. Life-like steam whistle is contained in billboard housing that blows by remote control. Cars uncouple by remote control and train starts, stops and reverses in same manner. Transformer included has 50-watt rating. Set is 4 ft., 7 1/2 in. long. Track is 160”.