Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1950: $12.95
Nothing has been left out of this giant assortment of tools for the advanced junior woodworker! From simple "fixit" jobs to complicated construction, here's a set of tools which are built to meet every young carpenter’s need. includes three Saws of high carbon steel, large Plane, Hammer, Mallet, Putty Knife, Squares, Screwdrivers, Chisels, Awl, Pliers, Nails, Utility Can, Brace and Bit, Wrench, Sandpaper and Block, Plumb Bob, Carpenter's marking chalk, new 12" level, 3 spare Coping Saw Blades, Scratch Gauge Unit and Triangle. Set is 20 1/4" x 12 1/4" x 3". Price, $12.95. Denver and West, $13.60.

Price in 1955: $11.95
Huge assortment of tools packed in upright carpenter's type steel cabinet. Includes 4" Screwdriver, Mallet, Awl, 1/4" Chisel, 7" die cast Plane, Putty Knife, Combination Level (for angular, vertical, horizontal use), Brace, 10" Crosscut Saw, 3/4" Chisel, 5" Screwdriver, Utility Can, Bent Nose Pliers, 4 pcs. Sandpaper, Carpenter's Pencil, metal Triangle, large Claw Hammer, 8" metal Try Square, Hack Saw, 1/8" Twist Drill, Wrecking Bar. Illustrated Folder. Cabinet is 19" high, 10" wide, 4" deep and opens to 20 1/4".