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Chinese writers described the curious properties of naturally occurring magnets over 2000 years ago. Twelve centuries later, Chinese navigators learned to use magnets to guide ships following the earth's magnetic field. That insight helped launch the Age of Exploration. This Columbus Day, we will experiment with magnets. The lesson: follow curiosity, it will lead to discovery.

The Museum offers a day long (9am – 3pm) program to enrich the hours of the school holidays.

Fee per day: $65 ($60 for members)
Before and after care (7:30 am – 5:30 pm) is available at $8 per hour.

We do not need medical forms for Vacation programs unless your child will be bringing an Epi Pen or medication that may need to be administered during the course of the day. We would need the current Medical Administration form signed by the physician and the parents in order to have these medications on hand. The Rx for the prescriptions must also be with the meds.

Click on each program for complete information and link to registration.

Ages 6 – 8: Exploring with Magnets

Ages 6 – 8: Exploring with Magnets thumbnail

Construct a butterfly that also follows magnetic fields. Construct a magnetic top that makes wire dance. Construct a Homopolar Motor: the simplest connection of a magnet and battery. Learn to use a compass and map to explore our site and the art of navigation.

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Ages 9 – 12: Exploring with Magnets & Electricity

Ages 9 – 12: Exploring with Magnets & Electricity thumbnail

Small and large motors are all descendants of Faraday and Henry's experiments. Modern motors are now so small and enclosed that their parts and logic are nearly invisible. We make motors not for their power, but for their ideas. And they are still fun to play with.

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Computer: Discover the Undiscovered Country

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Learn computer programming with MIT's Scratch. When we run out of frontiers to conquer, we can make our own strange new lands to explore. Virtual worlds can go on forever.

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