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These slideshows have been presented during the Winter A.C. Gilbert American Flyer exhibit.

2014 Exhibition

War Stories

100 years ago, the world tumbled into The Great War. Now we call it World War I, a conflict that drew Europe and its colonial webs into 4 years of brutal stalemate. 100 years ago, A.C. Gilbert was just launching his toy company in New Haven. He had to step carefully around the shadows of war.

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2012 Exhibition

The Reiss Collection

A Window in to the A.C. Gilbert Company of the 1920's

The Riess Collection is a rediscovered window in to the A.C. Gilbert Company of the 1920's. Lithograph labels from boxes of Gilbert 'toys' and trains.

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2011 Exhibition

Herb Pearce


Chances are, anyone who lived long in the New Haven area in Herb’s century, has a Herb story to tell. This is one of those stories.

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2010 Slideshow

The Gilbert Catalog

Here's Your New Gilbert Catalog!

The Gilbert Catalog is now available.

Alfred Carlton Gilbert understood curiosity and the passion for building. He also understood selling. His annual catalogs are a history of inventive play... and of marketing. With the generous support and partnership of the Connecticut Humanities Council, the Eli Whitney Museum has collected, scanned, and posted an archive of the A.C. Gilbert Catalogs.

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2009 Slideshow

Gilbert and Magic

Alfred Carlton Gilbert graduated from Yale in 1909. Rather than enter the medical career he had prepared for, he chose to follow a childhood passion – magic. That was the beginning of an adventure that made him an American icon.

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2008 Exhibition

Gilbert and Magnetism

Perhaps it was destiny that made magnetism as essential a force in A.C. Gilbert's empire of experiments. William Gilbert – a distant ancestor of A. C. – published De Magnete, Magneticisque Corperibus, et de Magno Magnete Tellure (On the Magnet and Magnetic Bodies, and the Great Magnet the Earth), in 1600.

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2007 Exhibition

Gilbert the Competitor

Gilbert the Competitor

Gilbert's experience in the fourth Olympics is a story of sport, Yale, educational trends, social movements, the Olympics as an institution, politics, and a bold young man who loved to compete.

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2005 Exhibition

Champion of Champions

Gilbert and shepherd

Alfred Gilbert was born in 1884 in Salem, Oregon. About the same time, in Western Germany, Max von Stephanitz began to standardize a breed of yellow and grey wolf-like working dog that would become the German Shepherd. It became an icon of a simpler, purer time.

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