2004: Annuals Appeal

Eli Whitney Museum

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As the year ends, we write to thank you for all that we have accomplished with your help and to ask for your continued support.

Is there a highlight that illuminates our year? Well, we have learned to grow electric flowers.

Their florets are Light Emitting Diodes, tiny solid state illuminators that are revolutionizing energy use. Our flowers stretch a battery’s power over months, a bit of husbandry that teaches the sense of sustainability.

The diodes are pliant and durable. They are both exotic in their science and immediate in their applications. Young hands can assemble them with the ease with which you once made clover chains. Young hands feel, quite literally, powerful.

No child will mistake our artificial flowers for the fragile glory of the humblest of nature’s flowers. Children know that our flowers are seedlings to be cultivated by their creativity. Some see rich color. Some cut intricate forms. Some carefully reproduce a favorite species. Some improvise wildly. Children can construct, from common parts, something uncommon.

Imagination is fragile. In too many schools, standardized tests, administered to weed out distractions that undercut the growth of basic skills, choke the confidence that flowers crave.

When you support our Annual Appeal, you provide space and tools for growing. You underwrite diversity. You feed exotic imaginations. You provide the faith that rescues late-blooming flowers and minds.

Cultivate the growing space

The Annual Fund underwrites the season-after-season support to let our apprentices develop expertise, poise, confidence and wisdom.

Allow time

We collect and share expertise. The Annual Fund allows each of our master teachers to lend support to science fair projects, History Day research, portfolio review, hard drive restoration and the practical and impractical dreams of young inventors.

Trust Diversity

The Annual Fund supports artists-in-residence who connect the visual language of our projects with the cultures of Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, China and Africa.

Shade the sensitive

For children who lack the strength, or confidence, or concentration to master our projects, the Annual Fund adds to the Jack Viele Fund to provide extra hands: 24 apprentice/weeks of support this summer.

Add nutrients

the Annual Fund reduces or eliminates the cost of programs for 1,900 children whose families or schools lack the resources to join our workshops or field trips.

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