2010 Annual Appeal

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I write to thank you for all that we have accomplished with your past support and to ask you for your continued help. Three 4th grade classes at Conte/West Hills School in New Haven will assist.

The classes visited the Museum a few weeks ago to construct ElectriCity houses—model houses which light up with one or two circuits. Their thank-you notes illustrate what's important in our work.

Above, Daisha labels her project (next to Janaisha's). Daisha's house radiates lines to proclaim that her light is working. We work to inspire experiment and possession.

An ideal class will...

1. See a project in all its components.

2. Construct It.*

3. Map its meaning.

4. Abstract its concepts.

5. Infuse it with personal color and identity.

6. Breathe in the legacy that surrounds learning here.*

*Hand sculptures by Sylvie Rosenthal (2001)—displayed in workshop.

Experiment is not a luxury.

It is the freedom that inspires ownership of learning. When you give to our Annual Appeal, you underwrite the materials, design, preparation and people essential to experiment. You support electrical connections and personal connections. You make it possible for a Director to take time to learn from exceptional students.

My Community

The Open Workshop fund reduces or eliminates the cost of programs for children whose families or schools lack the resources to join our workshops or field trips. That need is growing.

My Skill

The Apprentice Fund supports training. Seventy teenagers are gaining dexterity, expertise, poise, confidence and wisdom.

My Sister

The Catherine Greene Fund encourages girls to try activities traditionally in the domain of boys.

My Ideas

The Design Fund supports research and development. We reinvent our established projects. We create new projects to teach old and new ideas. Fifteen staff and apprentices will work on 120 new designs this year.

My Support

The Jack Viele Fund provides extra hands: 1000 hours of support this summer for children who lack the strength, or confidence, or concentration to master our projects.

My Planet

The Stewardship Fund trains and guides the apprentices and volunteers who are restoring to the site the beauty and diversity that Eli Whitney encountered here 200 years ago. 22 trees, 20 varieties of wildflowers and shrubs planted this past year.

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