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Are Gilbert toys still produced?
Almost. Meccano (a Gilbert rival) produces a construction set similar to Erector, and Lionel (a Gilbert Rival) imports a product with the American Flyer name. Other produce S gauge trains.

Where can I buy an Erector Set?
Erector Sets can be purchased from many online collectors, or from Ebay.

Where can I find out more about American Flyer Trains?

  • RFG's site features 1950s vintage Gilbert train videos.
  • Portlines has things you can buy, and is a home for very helpful train information.
  • SnS Trains is a great resource for motors and engine repairs.

Can I visit Erector Square?
Many of Gilbert’s buildings still stand on Peck Street in New Haven, CT, but much of the old romance is gone. The buildings house artists and small manufacturers. There is really no provision for giving tours.

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