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The 9th Leonardo Challenge

Fastenation: The Button and the Lace

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In the alchemy of invention, all can be transformed. Some can transform. Consider the button and the lace. They are objects and nouns; the are agents and verbs.

To Construct

To connect, to shape, to draw, to support, to tighten or loosen, to close or open, to conceal or reveal; buttons and laces, often invisible themselves, give visible form to garments, furniture and by extension, archetecture, machines and ideas.

To Adorn

To color, to mark, to trim, to warn or allure, to proclaim rank or membership, to impart pungency, savor or zest; buttons and laces mean more than the fabric they ornament. Buttons and laces become the fabric of meaning.

The Challenge

Use buttons and laces to construct or adorn. or adorn and construct buttons and laces. Transform, transcribe, transfigure, transpose. Unbutton your imagination. Lace your work with wit, wisdom or wonder.

On April 10, 2003, the Eli Whitney Museum will open an exhibition of small works by designers, artists, architects, educators, and engineers. Each will make of common materials uncommon expressions.

This exhibition will help define design as a way of thinking: a fundamental mission of the museum's teaching. The exhibition will celebrate the breadth and significance of design as an economic activity in the New Haven region.

The April 10th premier will support the Museum's Apprentice Training Program and will underwrite workshops and classes for very young designers from all communities.

The 9th Leonardo Benefit

Thursday, April 10th 5:30 – 9 pm 2003

Celebrate creativity.
Enjoy fine champagne, elegant salads, and inventions for the spoon from the creative kitchen of Doug Coffin.

Support the work of the Eli Whitney Museum through your presence and your purchase of artwork invented for this event.

"Lips" Tim Nighswander

"Heart of Wonder Puppet" Jane Rudnick

"Octopus" Eunice Mahler-Haug

"Mouse" Sylvia Rosenthal

"Sock Puppets" EWM Apprentices

"Ballet Buttons" William Brown

"Cute as a Button" Sarah Sorenson

"Au Natural" Lauren Fister

"Kukla" Alex Mahler-Haug

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