Capturing Your Kids Like a Pro

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Adults – Wed night, Feb 1st

Capturing Your Kids Like a Pro

Using the DSLR that you have and rarely use…

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Workshop Information

In this workshop you will learn how to take beautiful, spontaneous portraits of your children in a variety of contexts. Taking great photos of children has much more to do with how you see the world around you than what equipment you use.

During the first hour, we will discuss the elements that make a great photograph (light, perspective, composition…) using visual examples, focusing specifically on portraits of your children.

During the second hour, we will discuss the technical aspects of how to achieve the look you want (exposure, adjusting your camera's settings, blurring the background, etc…)

During the third hour, we'll practice the techniques learned during the first two hours, so that when you get home you'll be ready to start taking photographs of your kids (once they have woken up) that you'll treasure forever. These techniques are applicable to furry family members too!

Bring your camera for some hands-on practice, and so that Stephanie can help you with your camera settings.

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