Can I Please Go To Bed Now?

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Homage to Rosenthal & Corace's 'Little Hoot'

Can I Please Go To Bed Now?

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For Families

Little Hoot the owl is our 2016 design to accompany the charming book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace about a little owl who can't wait to grow up and let his kids go to bed as early as they want. Sweet and funny. Little Hoot>

We are accustomed to teaching with a model in front of a child, but these instructions should make it so that anyone can build one without our presence. We urge that parents and teachers be there to guide – but to allow the child to try to let the materials (and a picture of the final product) guide them. A wrong direction is always un-doable until you've glued something. You may want to color the parts of your owl before you put it together.

The Parts.

Step 1. Push the feet onto the dowels at the bottom of the body. Push the head onto the dowel sticking out the top.

Step 2. Push the wings onto the dowels at the back of the body to the sides of the head dowel. The 'O' rings are there in case the feet and/or the wings are loose enough to fall off. Dowels have a way of wearing down and they can be irregular even if they are the same size.

Little Hoot 2019

Little Hoot Parts

Hoot Step 1

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