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Eli Whitney Museum

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2016 Summer Program

It took me four years to learn to draw like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. Picasso

The Museum of Modern Art exhibited a lifetime of Picasso’s sculpture this year: a collection of joyful, uninhibited invention. Among the lessons: find in every material something fresh. Find gesture, balance, form that you are seeing for the first time....like a child.

Follow the wisdom of Picasso’s hands. Experiment with every material: paper, wood scraps, wire, stone, clay, plaster, found objects and a fork. Follow Picasso’s experiments: tear paper forms, cast and shape plaster in a bag, assemble wood scraps the paint them to make them into a single creature. Follow Picasso’s persistence: repeat experiments until the form in front of you matches the picture in your head. Follow Picasso’s wisdom: find the simplest form that makes your idea work. Learn to trust your eye.

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