12 Foot Skin Kayak Part 1 of 2

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2018 Summer Program

Build a very stable flat water 12' Kudzu type kayak. Build it using a fuselage frame design. Learn to skin the kayak with synthetic fabric and apply a waterproof finish. A recreational kayak perfect for fishing, paddling or photography.

This is a two week course (9 days this year). It will continue the following week (June 2 - June 6) The second week's activities will depend on how fast the class moves in the first week. It is likely that we'll be finishing the skinning week 2 and then painting it. We will make a paddle as well. The Workshop will be closed on Wed, July 4th.
Please note, ages 12 and up only.

See http://www.kudzucraft.com/web/ for videos and demonstrations of this remarkable craft.

Please note that you will be charged the full materials fee upon registration. ($325 materials added to the member or nonmember charge.) Students will be required to bring a life vest for the final day's paddle in the river. They may not test their kayak without them.

The Department of Economic and Community Development and the Connecticut Office for the Arts helped underwrite the Museum's Visiting Artist Program.

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