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2017 Summer Program

Mexico unites many cultures. The Olmecs, the Maya and the Aztecs are well known civilizations that were among the most sophisticated that European settlers encountered. Each of Mexico’s regions has contributed to the vibrant diversity of her culture.

Travel freely (without walls) from region to region to experience their traditions in arts, crafts, games and costumes. Some of these projects are well known: dancing Day of the Dead Skeletons, the lively wooden toys of Oaxaca, the lacquered paper maché masks of fanciful beasts, the cut paper and folded paper flowers , the enchanted mirrors. We will consider the differences that identify the distinct people who make up Mexico

The class will turn to Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, 20th Century artists whose work united Mexico. In their style we will fill a wall with a mural that honors a friend and neighbor.

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