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Bruegel's Toy Box

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2017 Summer Program

*Note: Tuesday July 4 we will be closed for the Holiday. Class will be Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri.

Four hundred fifty years ago the Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel collected a perfect record of children at play. Children have taken over a village Green. There is not an adult in sight.

Look closely at the picture. You know many of the games these children enjoy: leapfrog, marbles, blindman's bluff, swings and tiddlywinks for example. But you will find 80 more. Construct towers, hats and tops. Build mechanical birds, animals on wheels, balancing creatures and bottle cap rattles. Squirt water, blow artful bubbles, make whistles, build with sand and become skillful with a marble maze. We will play indoor and outdoor games each day. Make a cigar box theater and enact plays.

Spend four days discovering how little the joys of play have changed…

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