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2017 Summer Program

*Note: Tuesday July 4 we will be closed for the Holiday. Class will be Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri.

David Friend has admired and collected minerals since he was young. The Yale graduate helped the Peabody Museum bring to New Haven some of the world’s most magnificent gems and minerals. His wish: I want people to go home thinking “how were those made and what forces of nature created them. That’s how people get interested in science. The collection will take your breath away.

Visit the David Friend Hall with the class. Catch your breath. Start learning. Build a small gallery for collecting, identifying analyzing, and displaying minerals. Sorry, no 2000 pound Quartz Crystal from Namibia. (You will see one.) But definitely a quartz crystal. And other basic minerals. Learn to use a small field microscope to examine their architecture..Use LEDs to highlight their facets. (The Peabody lighting is memorable.) Learn to grow crystals. Learn to prospect for minerals. Add a fossil display. Get to know gems and minerals in in art and everyday uses.

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