Extraordinary Beasts

Eli Whitney Museum

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2017 Summer Program

There is magic out there. Usually we imagine it is far, far away. But what if magic could be compressed into a small suitcase that you could carry any place? What if the outside said nothing about the wonders inside. In Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander ‘s suitcase was a portal to a mysterious world and magical menagerie.

Construct a sturdy small case that will look like many others. But this is a 'Zoo-tcase', a home for Extraordinary Beasts. You may befriend a creature from Newt’s movie, from other movies, from ancient tales, or from your own imagination. Use wood, wire, cloth, Sculpey. Learn new techniques. Create tiny creatures and ample beasts that fold cleverly to find a place to travel with you.

What kind of beasts? That will depend on your magic

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