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2017 Summer Program

Journalism is the craft of observing, analyzing, and reporting with fairness and clarity important events. Digital technology has given nearly everyone a channel to speak to nearly everyone else. That abundant free speech is often confusing and has made the work of journalists harder and even more important.

Learn to publish – to write and speak for the public. We will experiment with a Journal to tell the stories of people and projects that make the Museum work.

Begin each day with an editorial conference. Accept story assignments, pitch story ideas.You will have an hour to research your story (with help). After snacks, write your story, propose and collect images. After lunch, work with an editor to revise and submit your work. Post it to the digital edition which will be released at 3 pm daily.

Each day encounter challenges of working for, and with, a readership. Each day accept the challenge and thrill of making your voice public.

Deshawn Johnson, Publisher; Naseema Mohamed, editor. With guest journalists.

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