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Design, Make, Play

The Inventor's Tools

Ages 6 – 9

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2017 Summer Program

How do you learn to use tools? Jump into projects that will teach you what you need to know.

A Day of Color
Learn just how important color is as a design tool.
Build a container to hold all those important tools.

A Day of Design
Designing is a tool.
Hack a dragon or dinosaur to create your own creature never seen before. If you can imagine it, you can probably build it with lots of parts to choose from.

A Day of Games
Playing is a tool. It's how we practice what we learn.
In the morning, play some familiar games with rules everyone already knows. Then design a new one with your own rules.

A Day of Blocks and Building
We've always said inside every kid there is a castle. So here's your chance to build your own – on a scale that allows you to finish in a day.

A Day of Imagination
What are stories other than the fruits of someone's imagination? Or ways to explain things that are real but hard to understand? Every culture has its own stories which explain its customs and mysteries.

Build a stage and characters. You get to make a story of your own that explains something that you want to tell people about. Imagine that!

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