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2017 Summer Program

The Japanese artist Naoki Harada has produced a brilliant laboratory for inventing with marbles. He constructs a pump or escalator or elevator....all creative in themselves. He gives it a fixed entrance and a fixed exit and an open space between for all manner of marble adventures. Interchangeable parts pop in and out. Create, test, adjust; create test, adjust – the pure discipline of invention.

Construct a battery powered marble pump, derived from the Syrian noria. Create some classic modules to spiral, switch and jump marbles in a continuous flow. Turn a shallow vortex dish. Then invent your own modules. Swap them with friends. Keep the best; recycle the rest. Finally: each machine can activate a machine next to it. On Friday, we will assemble a spectacular Rube Goldberg style relay.

Designed by Reed Truax after Naoki Harada. Batteries and motor included.

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