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2017 Summer Program

Why do we love Minions? Because their words are mysterious, but what they mean is always obvious. Because their loyalty (even to villians) is so powerful, that evil never triumphs. Because they are fearless adventurers. Because they always wear safety goggles. But most important: because they laugh at themselves….which is a wise lesson.

This summer, the Minions return. Create some known Minions (Josh, Lary(sic),Tim, Phil, Stuart etc . Invent your own loyal companions with distinctive words and habits. Construct a laboratory for their experiments. Line up Minions in elaborate domino-like relays to topple. Teach them tricks of balance. Let them teach you joyful persistence…which is the power that makes creative experiments succeed.

A studio hosting 1000 Minions: what could go wrong?

Minions 2017

Minions 2 2017

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