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2017 Summer Program

Learn the rich art and lore of South Pacific culture that inspired filmmakers to tell Moana’s story with respect and care.

Moana is the bold and wise daughter of a Polynesian Chief. When the fish that fed her family and neighbors seem to desert her island, she vows to venture beyond its reefs to confront the curse. Moana’s grandmother guides Moana to a boat, to the sea knowledge of her ancestors, to her courage. The adventure begins.

Sail with your Moana. Construct an outrigger canoe essential to all of the island kingdoms. Learn to read the stars and to construct stick maps to guide your journey. Build a drum and learn the music for departing and arriving. Create your heroine and her loyal chicken and pig. Summon Maui, the trickster demigod who is known to all the islands. Trace his stories in (temporary) tattoos. Prepare the pirates and demons that complicate all heroic adventures. With the class construct the island home that Moana promised to protect.

This class is a study of culture and storytelling inspired by the the Disney film but not exploiting its intellectual property.

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