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2017 Summer Program

Ever have a great idea for a project you want to create but have no idea what components go into the making of it? Alex Tavares will take you through the process of taking an idea into reality.

By building a project (everyone builds the same kind to learn on) in class using all the components necessary, you will learn how to proceed with your own projects at home. Just like any good recipe, there are basic ingredients for each type of food but then, you get to embellish with your own choice of flavors and special ingredients. This class is designed to help you know what those ingredients are.

We will build a simple battery-powered PCB with four buttons and LEDs, a speaker, and a two-digit display. We'll be programming it to be a reaction-time game that keeps score and beeps.

The basic overview of the week is as follows:
- Discuss the planning and basics of the project
- Breadboard/prototype individual components of the project, learning basic code to test these features
- Switch over to a prepared PCB with all the components on one board
- Learn more advanced coding to make an interactive program that does something useful.

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