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2017 Summer Program

All people tell stories, to explain what we don’t know, to confirm what we already believe, or to hope for something more than what we already have. These stories are similar among cultures but are told differently. We are going to explore those differences throughout the week and end the week with our own personal story that should rival those more common stories we know and love today.

Build an accessible box that showcases many different forms of theater play – shadow puppetry, finger puppets, storytelling through backdrops etc. – all in a similar design to that of the 1930’s Kamishibai Theater. Some possible stories we'll visit:

~ India: Balakanaka – a dance about a man named Thyagataja (the composer of the song) who devotes his life to praising the god Rama
~ West Africa: the African Griot (similar to a bard or oral historian) who plays the “kora” (modified violin) in order to tell his stories
~ European: Greek theater masks

Most afternoons will be spent focusing on our own story ideas, playing theater games, or listening to guest storytellers.

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