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Understanding Conflict


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2017 Summer Program

The poet Homer compiled the Iliad about a war between the Greeks and their rivals the Trojans that was already ancient in Homer’s time. Storytellers had assembled and passed down the myths and legends and history for centuries. Was Homer’s poem true? His epic captures the pride and envy, the bravery and cowardliness, the fate and luck that define all wars. We explore Homer's tales to learn to see truth in history.

Construct the gods and goddesses whose vanity sets in motion the tragedy of Helen and Paris, Greece and Troy. Construct the Black Ships that carried the Achaean allies across the Aegean Sea. With the class, construct the citadel of Troy. Construct the kings and heroes, the unnamed archers and infantry, the chariots and horses that fought on the plains of Ilium for 10 years.

On Friday, with a small group, recreate the rivalries of Aphrodite and Hera, Achilles and Agamemnon, the heroism Patroclus and Hector, the nobility of Priam, the trickery of the Wooden Horse that are the drama of the Iliad that we remember.

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