The Workshop 'Rules'

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The Workshop 'Rules'

Ages 9 – 12

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2017 Summer Program

All workshops need rules for safety. Those are obvious. But there are other rules that are needed to make a shared space work And how do we ensure the workshop is a collaborative place where people share ideas, tools and materials?

We have the tools, the materials…but how will the class come together to use them creatively?

There will be:

Recreate the work of Masahiko Sato at Keio University that produces the magnificent Rube Goldberg devices for NHK's Pythagoras Switch (ピタゴラスイッチ Pitagora Suitchi). A class relay in which the whole is only as good as any of its parts. The all must work individually for the whole to work.

Work through a simplified version of Woodie Flower's robotics challenges at MIT that inspired the First Robotics programs…and many college Design Labs.

Otherwise known as 'hacking'. Create a robot from found objects. Visit the studio of Susan Clinard, the Museum's artist in residence to look at the art she has created from found objects.

Neil Downie is a British scientist who has designed original projects to explain the math and science of 'things'. We will explore a number of them and perhaps come up with ideas of our own.

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