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2019 Summer Program

To understand creativity, consider beetles. 350,000 varieties are known. There are more to discover. No species better demonstrates nature's endless inventiveness. Some beetles are smaller than a grain of sand, others larger than your outstretched hand. Some are camouflaged to hide. Some are ornamented to intimidate. Some are friendly and kept as pets – others are ferocious. They communicate with sound, color, light and scent. Each beetle's structure and coloring will tell you much about the part in nature it evolved to play.

Construct model beetles. Some will be familiar: a lightning bug that flashes, a click beetle that leaps, a Stink Bug that emits cologne, a scarab that becomes an artful ornament. Then delve deeper. Find beetles that inhabit our site. (None will be captured) Model beetles that are curiosities round the world. Our 3D printers and Vacuformer will help. Construct a classic display box to mount and label your work. Learn the myths and fables that Beetles have inspired.

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