Birds of East Rock

Eli Whitney Museum

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2019 Summer Program

East Rock Park (which surrounds the Museum) is enchanted. The magic arrives on wings. In June, Yellow Warblers, Kingfishers, Catbirds, Baltimore Orioles, Cedar Waxwings, Wood Ducks, Egrets and Great Blue Herons inhabit the Park's trees and Mill River. Each brings its colors, song, and story to make this place special.

This week, get close to the magic. Make models to learn the size and color of each bird. Get to know their songs, their nests and the places they find food. Learn to walk quietly to get close enough to see them. Learn to use binoculars (also an art). Learn the myths and fables each bird has inspired. Collect your field notes in an artful Fandex to keep the details straight.

With your group, build a larger-than-bird size nest that you can climb in and out of…all of this to teach your senses to know and understand the birds around you in fine detail.

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