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The Stan Lee's Heroes Edition

Crash Test Dummies XVIII

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2019 Summer Program

Crash Test Dummies protect the world from perilous forces. Stan Lee (1922-2018) spent a long career inventing heroes with the powers and courage to overcome forces of peril and evil. Stan Lee gave his heroes complicated personalities and stories that helped create a new epoch of superhero culture. This week our Crash Test Dummies will explore the characters that were Stan Lee’s gift.

Costume your Dummies as your favorite heroes. And perhaps their alter-egos. Get to know the stories that made those heroes human (mostly). Then help create a metropolis and villains in control of massive forces. Strap on a (Estes) rocket pack. Construct a rotopult to launch a (cork) shield 35 feet. Make quicksand-slime to test agility. Construct a vortex canon to unleash invisible air waves. Polarize powerful magnets to levitate your heroes. Target (small) lasers to immobilize villains. Use super-hearing sound sensors and a blindfold to understand how a blind hero finds threats. A week of narrative and technical invention and experiment.

Characters created in our workshop are not licensed or authorized by Marvel Comics or their associated copyright holders.The Museum alone is responsible for Workshop content.

Rocket engines &batteries included.

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