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The architecture of Imagination

Forest Architecture


2019 Summer Program

When you walk in the woods, you know that birds and animals nest and burrow there. But there is so much wonder and mystery in the woods that it is easy to imagine other creatures who live there tending to tending to the flowers and community. It's an ancient instinct to imagine that elves, gnomes, and fairies build homes hidden among the trees.

Construct and clothe a family of fairies, elves or gnomes. Construct a home for them. Use bark, rocks, feathers, acorn caps, sticks and vines to make your home comfortable and well hidden in any wood lot or backyard. (All the materials will be durable in any weather – so well suited for backyards.)

Consult the considerable literature on woodland architecture and craft. Learn new techniques and tools. Add a garden and well to your house...and perhaps even a boat for the more adventurous. An exercise in design, resourcefulness and imagination.

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