First Circuits 2019

Eli Whitney Museum

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2019 Summer Program

Every day you use electrical circuits. But most are invisible. You can't see how they work. In this Workshop, your eyes and ears and nose and fingers will make sense of electricity at work.

• Discover the connection between electricity and magnetism. Repeat experiments that helped Oersted and Henry harness electricity 200 years ago. Create your own small Frankenstein laboratory with safe sparks..

• Experiment with the simple electric motors that moved A.C.Gilbert's Erector Sets 100 years ago. Choreograph the speed and direction and moves of dancing wooden figures.

• Construct a LED (Light Emitting Diode) Traffic light. Create your own small corner and cars for these energy saving wonders to regulate.

• Experiment with paper, play dough, thread and ink circuits: curiosities that amuse, and perhaps teach how to build with electricity.

• Spend time each day just experimenting. In small safe experiments, learn to solve electricity's mysteries and to respect its powers.

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