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2019 Summer Program

50 years ago, high school students in northern Georgia’s Rabun County began documenting the lives of their relatives and neighbors, a generation that had grown up in the southern Appalachians often without electricity or running water. That journalism project became the Foxfire books – a 12 volume
encyclopedia of simple lives and remarkable self-sufficiency. This Workshop will follow the wisdom, traditions, and instructions documented in the Foxfire Books.

• Apprentices will select brief portions of the Foxfire journals to introduce each project.

• The workshop will include 5 morning projects devoted to the major folk arts: carving, weaving, basket making, red clay ceramics and dulcimer playing.

• With shorter afternoon experiences to choose from: candle making, corn husk crafts, spring finding, snake lore, and many more.

• And a Friday square dance in our Barn with Billy Fischer calling and live music. Parents invited.

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